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So, you want to know how this system works? Well, let me tell you some words about the idea first. The main idea was based on Nullsofts SHOUTcast streaming server, which is mainly used for audio-streaming on the internet. It also supports video streaming but it's very complicated to stream local videos or webcam output for newbies. There aren't many alternatives out there for "easy" video streaming. So, I just got the idea, to make one. Before we go deeper into detail, you have to know the following details about the client and server first.

The client - also called "streamer":

This program is the tool, which connects to your webcam or reads your local video file, to stream it to the server. You only need to enter the server details, add some video files to the playlist (or open the webcam-output) and connect to the server. This tool is very easy to handle.

The server:

This is the "heart" of this system. You will not be able to stream without setting up the server first. The server is able to receive all needed data from the client and automatically re-streaming these information. It also has a status-webpage for your stream, which shows some information about your live-stream and the current viewers. The webserver also offers two integrated webplayers, so your viewers will be able to go to your status-website and watch the stream directly without downloading any extra viewer-client. There is an administration page, where you can change the streaming-protocol and the password.

In short:

You stream your video/webcam with the client to the server. The server has a webserver for information about the stream and status + administration panel. Your viewers are able to connect to the livestream via integrated webplayers and video tools like "VLC".

If you still have problems, to understand how the main thing works, here is a network diagram:

This picture shows how the streaming works.


So, why is there an extra server (multiplexing) instead of streaming directly from the computer? Well, that's very easy to answer. Most of us have a local internet connection with max. 1-2 Mbps upstream. You can't handle more than 5 viewers with this connection. A dedicated server in a datacenter has an upstream of at least 100 - 1000 Mbps. So, you can server much more viewers with this speed. That's why there is an extra server in this streaming system.

More details:

coming soon...


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